Nikon En El15B Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

•Rechargeable lithium ion battery
•Designed for Nikon cameras
•OEM EN-EL15B model

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Nikon EN EL15B Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery is a powerful and efficient back-up power source for Nikon digital cameras. This high-performance power bank provides not only reliable performance, but also long battery life. With its stylish and compact design, the EN EL15B is the ideal companion for capturing your most precious memories on the go.

Product Description:
The Nikon EN EL15B Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery is a powerful, reliable, and compact power source for your DSLR camera. This advanced battery offers longer lasting performance, with an impressive capacity of 1300mAh and 7.2v output voltage. Constructed with robust materials like copper and nickel plated contacts for increased durability, this reliable backup power-source eliminates battery anxiety so you can enjoy shooting longer without worrying about running out of juice.

Features & Specs:
• Capacity: 1300 mAh
• Voltage: 7.2V
• High drain current up to 5A (max)
• Durable construction with copper & nickel plating contacts
• Stylish & lightweight design for optimal portability
• Compatible with many Nikon DSLR cameras including D7500/D610/D750/Z6/Z7 etc.
• Operating temperature range from -4F° to 122 °F (-20℃~+50 ℃)

Additional Info:
The Nikon EN EL15B Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery is compatible with many models of Nikon DSLR Cameras including the D7500, D610, D750 Z6, Z7 series and more. It boasts a voltage output of 7.2v and a maximum current drain of up to 5A for consistent performance in almost any type of environmental conditions – from -4f° up to 122°f (-20℃~+50 ℃). The durable construction features dependable connections with copper & nickel plating contacts that withstand heavy use without compromising or causing wear and tear to your camera’s internal components over time. Enjoy quick recharge times while being protected against overcharging thanks to its built-in intelligent protection feature that prevents damage caused by excessive charging or discharging cycles – giving your battery extra longevity!

Product FAQ:
Q: What DSLRs are compatible with the Nikon EN EL15B Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery?
A: The Nikon En El 15B is compatible with many models of Nikon DSLRs including the following series; D7500/D610/D750/Z6/Z7 etc..

Q: What type of charging port does it have?
A: The Canon LP-E17 rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a micro USB charging port which allows you to charge your device conveniently either at home or on the go!