Nikon En El9 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

– Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
– Compatible with Nikon EN EL9 Cameras
– Get long lasting power for your digital device

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Built-in Nikon En os El9 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack is suitable for your camera devices and is designed to give you a longer battery life. The battery offers improved charge capacity, improved performance, and improved stability. This battery pack will deliver excellent power to your model when in use.

• Nickel-Metal Hydride rechargeable lithium ion cell technology provides increased power output.
• Advanced safety features protect camera device from any poossible damage caused by using other batteries.
• High-quality copper plating further enhances the charging cycles of the pack.
• Contained microprocessor ensures maximum output efficiency and longer performance.
• Lightweight design makes it easy to carry around in your bag or pocket while travelling.
• Easy to install with no additional tools required for use on compatible models.

Specs ○ Voltage: 8V ○ Capacity: 2000mAh ○ Chemistry: Lithium-ion ○ Width: 4.2cm ○ Height: 2.8cm ○ Depth/Length: 11cm ○ Weight: 70g

Additional Info With its nickel-metal hydride rechargeable lithium ion cell technology prooveding increased power output, this battery pack is essential for anyone looking for the perfect set up of their cameras device’s system without worrying about running out of items during shooting activities . It can be used on many popular models— such as Nikon D200, D300S, D90, ect—and it is compatible with USB chargers (not included) so that you can keep shooting without worry!

Product FAQs Q1) Is the Nikon En el9 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack built-in? A1) Yes,it has a built in charger which means that charges automatically when connected to compatible model charging portQ2) What is the maximum power provided by this battery? A2) The maximum output of this battery is 8V at 2000mAh Q3) How long will it take me to fully charge my device using this battery? A3 ) Depending on the model chargede, full charging time ranges from about 3 – 5 hours