Nikon Mb D14 Multi Battery Power Pack

• Nikon Mb D14
• Multi Battery Power Pack
• Enhances camera runtime.

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Nikon MB-D14 Multi Power Battery Pack for DSLR Cameras

For professional photographers who want to stay powered up and ready to shoot in any situation, meet the Nikon MB-D14 Multi Power Battery Pack. This innovative battery pack adds extra power and stability to your Nikon DSLR system, and helps eliminate the fear of running out of juice in the middle of a major project.

Features & Specs:
• Compatible with all Nikon DSLRs, including the D90, D300s and D7000
• Shoot longer with two EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion batteries
• Enhances control features with one MS1 or MS2 slot
• Comfortable with its deep vertical grip design and improved ergonomics
• An additional shutter release button, welcro compatible ASH speed card reader/writer and a multi selector make shooting more enjoyable
• Take photos even when the main battery runs out thanks to it charging LED indicator
• Handy DC Coupler DR-1 lets you power up without batteries (available separately)
Additional Features & Info:
The Nikon MB-D14 Multi Power Battery Pack is designed for professional photographers looking for added control and stability in their shot composition.This battery pack offers extended shooting times by providing enough power for up to two EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. This means you can switch in fresh batteries when your main ones run out. It also adds an extra layer of control as a MS1 or MS2 slot can be accessed depending on which camera body is used. A separate Shutter Release Button is located along the side of the battery grip adding further usability over standard buttons on camera bodies. The pack’s Vertical Grip provides superior ergonomics making it easier than ever to pick up different angles while shooting scenes from different perspectives. Furthermore, taking photos with no limits due to a depleted main battery is possible thanks to its individual Charge LED indicator which will alert you if one needs topping off mid-shoot! If that wasn’t enough then hooking up this device directly into an AC outlet also works thanks to the DC Coupler DR -1 (sold separately).


Q:Which models are compatible with this product?
A: This product is compatible with most Nikon DSLRs including D90, D300s, and D7000 cameras.

Q:Can I use regular AA type batteries in this grip?
A: No, this product only accepts EN-EL15 rechargeable Li – ion batteries for full compatibility failing that 3 RCR123A lithium ion non rechargable batteries can be used however these do not last as long as their chargeable counter parts.