Nikon Mb D15 Multi Battery Power Pack

-Nikon Mb D15 Multi Battery Pack
-Power up to 8 camera batteries simultaneously
-Recharge cameras faster for continued shooting

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Nikon MB D15 Multi Battery Power Pack

The Nikon MB-D15 Multi Battery Power Pack is the perfect addition for your DSLR camera. This device allows you to charge up to two different batteries at the same time, and you can use either EN-EL15 or EN-EL3e batteries standard on many Nikon DSLRs. The power pack BRAND NAME also has a set of additional features that will help improve your photography experience, making sure you always have enough battery power when you need it.

• Compact and lightweight design
• Charges up to two EN-EL15 or EN-EL3e batteries
• A wide variety of functions, including auto off timer and auto LCD turn off timer
• Easy access Live View & movie recording control buttons
• 3 manual settings for shutter release or exposure lock button
• Includes an AC adaptor for easy charging of the unit at home
• Recommended for use with the Nikon D750 & D7200 cameras

• Dimensions: 4.5″W x 2″H x 3.7″D (113mmW x 50mmH x 93mmD) • Weight: 11 oz (320g) • Operating temperature range: 32°F – 104°F (0°C – 40°C) • Compatible Batteries: EN-EL15/EN-EL3e • Output Voltage: DC 8.4V • Output Current rating per channel >800mA

Additional info: The Nikon MB-D15 is designed specifically for use with the Nikon D750 & D7200 digital SLR cameras, but may be compatible with other cameras too as long as they are able to take one or both types of batteries mentioned above. One important thing to remember when using this device and any similar device is not to leave it plugged into your camera when not in use as this can lead to overcharging, which shortens the life expectancy of your rechargeable batteries in general.

Product FAQs:

Q1 – What kind of batteries does this device support?
A1 – The Nikon MB-D15 supports both standard EN-EL15 and EN-EL3e rechargeable Lithium ion batteries used on many Nikon DSLRs.
Q2 – Will my other model camera be compatible with this power pack?
A2 – It’s possible that cameras other than a Nikon D750 & D7200 can work with the device, however we cannot guarantee compatibility without testing first before purchase.