Nikon Mb D16 Multi Battery Power Pack

• Nikon Mb D16
• Multifunctional battery pack
• Powers multiple devices simultaneously

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Nikon MB-D16 Multi Battery Power Pack

Welcome innovation to the world of photography! The Nikon MB-D16 Multi Battery Power Pack unlocks a whopping new source of power and control for your photography. Here’s everything you need to know about this exceptional tool:

• Product Description: Packed with features designed for ergonomics, convenience, and extra battery power, this external multi-battery power pack unites comfort and expanded functionality. It simplifies capture by offering extended battery life through two batteries (EN-EL15 or six AA batteries), as well as access to function button controls for photo taking in vertical orientation.
• Features: This advanced External Multi-Battery Power Pack offers quick and efficient recharging – with EN-EL 15 rechargeable Li-ion Batteries or optional AC Adapter EH-5a/EH-5, you can charge up in no time at all. Boasting a slim profile design coupled with a streamlined grip, you get unprecedented stability when shooting down low angles or up high. Moreover, this versatile battery kit offers an array of connection options including USB connectivity – perfect wherever you are!
• Specs: This advanced External Multi-Battery Power Pack creates incredible opportunity and versatility for your outdoor adventures. With the HLMBP16U20A display featuring three LED lights per cell – monitoring total charge remaining is easy. Additionally, this product gives you the capability to safely shoot longer without fear of slowdown due to overheating even in high temperatures thanks to superior performance lightweight nickel metal mythical thermistors protection circuitry. Whether you’re shooting during festivals under the sun or holidays in cold weather – peace of mind is guaranteed every click of the shutter here on out!
• Additional Information: The MB – D16 also has external quick charging capabilities (NiMH+USB) so that when it’s time to go quickly charge yourself or another device on set with one plug two jobs taken care of reliably within an hour’s time flat!
• Product FAQs
Q1. Does it include an AC adapter?
A1 Yes – The Nikon MB – D16 comes complete with AC adapter EH – 5a/EH – 5 which helps reduce time spent recharging both internally and externally at 4800 maH per hour.*
Q2 Does the camera change its speed when I switch from Vertical Mode to Horizontal?
A2 No – The cameras remain unchanged even if switched between vertical mode or horizontal mode thanks in part to constructed solid contact points surrounded by robust aluminum alloy materials for lasting reliability over long periods use both indoor/outdoor photography sessions alike!