Nikon Mb D51 Battery Grip For D5100 D5200 D5300 D3100

• Battery grip for D5100-D5300
• Increases shooting time & ergonomics
• Supports different operating modes

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Nikon MB-D51 Battery Grip for D5100/ D5200/D5300/3100
Discover the power of your Nikon camera with the Nikon MB-D51 Battery Grip for D5100, D5200, D5300 and 3100. A comfortable and durable ergonomic battery grip that securely holds up to two EN-EL15 batteries or six AA batteries, this battery grip extends shooting times up to three times longer than when using a single battery.

Product Features:
• Securely holds up to two EN-EL15 batteries or six AA batteries for extended shooting time
• Variation switch operated shutter button for use in vertical orientation
• Optimized layout including AF start button, multi selector, AE/AF lock button and an front command dial
• Sturdy construction made from materials used in genuine Nikon products
• Compatible with the Camera Control Pro II software directly from the battery grip through connection with a computer’s USB port
Additional Specs:
• Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 88.3Mm × 92Mm × 131Mm (3.4M” X 3.6M” X 5.1M”)
• Weight (without hookup and cords): 400G (14 oz)

Q1: How long is the life of a fully charged battery?
A1: The approximate life of a fully charged EN-EL15 lithium ion battery is estimated to be 700 shots per charge or 1 hour of movie recording at normal temperature conditions. For regular alkaline AA batteries life can vary depending on type but typically lasts around 100 shots per set of two batteries. It’s wise to always carry an extra set just in case!