Rode Interview Go Handheld Adaptor For Wireless Go

• Enables use of Wireless Go
• Attaches via 3.5mm jack
• Ultra Compact Design

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Rode Interview Go Handheld Adaptor for Wireless Go: The Ultimate Audio Solution
Are you looking for a professional audio solution to elevate your podcasting, livestreaming, or streaming pieces? Look no further than the Rode Interview Go Handheld Adaptor for Wireless Go. This unique handheld adaptor offers an unparalleled level of portability and control over your audio capture. Wondering what makes this product stand apart from the rest? Here’s a quick overview of what makes this product great.

Features & Specs:
• Small, Portable Form Factor: Weighing in at just 144g and designed with comfortable dimensions of 128mm x 21mm x 42mm, the Rode Interview GO Handheld Adaptor for Wireless Go is easy to take along on any broadcast or recording location.
• Outstanding Audio Quality: Delivering an incredible bit rate of 48kHz/24bit on WAV files and easily capturing crystal clear audio through its built-in RØDE Lavalier microphone, the Rode Interview GO Handheld Adaptor brings your recordings to life and ensures that all of your listeners will appreciate the stellar quality every single time.
• Easy Connectivity & Compatibility: Plugging into Computers or iOS devices via USB-C connection or micro-USB connections (depending on version), this device simplifies setup even further by offering an integrated rechargeable battery that delivers seven hours of use on a single charge. In addition, it offers integration with most Live Streaming applications including Youtube and Twitch so getting started is easier than ever before!
Additional Information:
• Built-In Rechargeable Battery With Up To 7 Hours Of Use On A Single Charge • Includes Shockmount To Help Reduce Unwanted Vibrations And Rumble • 3 Operating Modes For Maximum Flexibility And Control Over Your Recording • Includes Clip On Windshield To Reduce Wind Noise And Miscellaneous Background Noise During Recording Sessions • Offers Support For Both Apple iOS Devices As Well As Computers • Robust Design Launched To Professional Broadcasting Standards

Q How Much Does The RODE Interview GO Handheld Adaptor For Wireless Go Weigh?
A The unit weighs 144g which makes it incredibly portable without sacrificing quality in any way.
Q Does It Include A Shockmount?
A Yes – It comes with a shockmount included so unwanted disturbances won’t interfere with your recordings sessions.

Q How Long Can I Expect The Battery To Last Between Charges?
A Up to 7 hours of use time is possible with the rechargeable battery making it an indispensable tool for all types of broadcasts no matter how remote the location might be!