Rode Ntg1 Shotgun Microphone

• Robust microphone with superior signal
• High-frequency response, directed capture
• Perfect for long-distance recording: Rode NTG1

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The Rode NTG1 Shotgun Microphone is an incredibly powerful, discreet and lightweight microphone, making it a must-have for any sound recordist. It’s perfect for use in film, television, video and radio work, and as a voiceover mic.

Features & Specs:
• Ultra-lightweight design with low handling noise
• Tone Control switch to reduce low frequency rumble
• Low noise output transformerless circuitry
• Low cut filter minimises wind noise
• Powered by 9V battery or 48V phantom power
Additional Info:
The Rode NTG1 packs enough of a punch that you can hear subtle nuances over a long distance or in very noisy environments. The short length of the shotgun meaning it will pick up sounds from far away without having to move very close to the source. If you need to record from even further away then the longer version – the Rode NTG3 – is also available.

Product FAQ:
Q: What type of mount does the Rode NTG1 use?
A: The Rode NTG1 comes with an integrated shock-mount, featuring a standard 3/8″ thread which is compatible with all standard camera mounting accessories.