Rode Ntg1 Shotgun Microphone

• Rode Ntg1 Shotgun Microphone:
• Sleek and lightweight design for convenience.
• Built-in high-pass filter & Pad switch for added versatility.

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The Rode Ntg1 Shotgun Microphone is the perfect choice for a quality condenser microphone. This sturdy and lightweight mic boasts an impressive frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, making it ideal for voiceover projects as well as recording music and audio. It also features low noise and self-noise figures which ensures you will always get clean and clear recordings.

• Balanced line level output
• Standard pistol grip design
• Lightweight construction makes it easy to mount on booms
• Low noise and self-noise figures ensure excellent recordings
• Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz

Additional Info:
This mic offers an impressively smooth frequency response, meaning your recordings will have excellent detail without any unwanted harshness or distortion. The balanced line level output ensures no hum or buzz is created during recording. Plus, its standard pistol grip design allows it to fit with all standard shotgun boom arms. Its lightweight body also makes it easy to mount on booms, allowing more freedom of movement during filming or voiceovers.

Weight: 290gSave Money By Purchasing Through Our Website! (Click Here To See)MSRP: $299Dimensions (L x H): 159 x 203mmPower Requirement: 48V phantom power

Product FAQ’s
Q : Does this microphone require 48VDC phantom power?
A : Yes, the Rode NTG1 requires 48VDC phantom power in order to work properly and provide optimal performance levels for recording audio.

Q : Can I mount this microphone on a boom arm?
A : Yes – this model is designed to be compatible with all standard shot gun boom arms so that you can get your desired sound without getting in anyone’s way.