Rode Videomic Pro On Camera Shutgun Microphone

• Compatible with DSLR cameras.
• Features a shock-mount and deluxe furry windshield.
• Low noise capsule for excellent audio clarity.

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Introducing Rode Videomic Pro On Camera Shutgun Microphone- the ultimate gear for professional video and film makers. It is the perfect microphone for those who are into vlogging, filmmaking, and all other multimedia applications which requires high quality sound recording. The Rode Videomic Pro On Camera Shutgun Microphone is an essential piece of equipment that will help you capture great audio with superior clarity and detail.

The Videomic Pro On Camera Shutgun Microphone features a lightweight construction with sturdy internal compartments. This ensures that your microphone will stay intact and secured even during harsh environments or prolonged use. The shotgun transducer offers excellent off-axis sound rejection, making it ideal for capturing clear sound without any distractions from surrounding background noise and interference. Additionally, the highly directional pickup pattern reduces unwanted noises from other angles which may affect recordings.

This microphone also comes complete with a built-in shock mount system that can be quickly assembled to provide isolation from unwanted vibrations originating from your camera body or tripod. To adjust height or angle position, it also includes three interchangeable mounts – ¼” threaded mounting stud, cold shoe adaptor, or light stand adaptor respectively – so you can be sure it fits perfectly on each device like DSLRs or other cameras being used at any angle orientation as per the project requirement.

Aside from its durable design and versatile mounting options, the Rode Videomic Pro On camera Shutgun Microphone has an integrated radio frequency receiver with multiple levels of adjustable output as well as low cut filter operation up to 40 Hz in order to reduce distortion and hums due to mains power interference source nearby creating noise on audio recordings. Finally, there’s even a 3-way adjustable level control so you can fine-tune your recordings to perfection regardless of environment conditions faced while shooting outdoors or indoors without compromising on sound quality any more!


Q: What type of microphone is the Rode Videomic Pro On Camera?

A: The Rode Videomic Pro On Camera is a shotgun style microphone designed specifically for pro filming applications such as vlogging and filmmakers who need top notch sound recordings without the distractions of background noise interfering with their footage quality.

Q: Does this come with built in shock mount system?

A: Yes! This microphone does come complete with a built-in shock mount system that provides excellent isolation from unwanted vibrations created by camera bodies or tripods when recording outdoors or indoors scenarios.