Sandisk 128Gb Extreme Pro Uhs I Sdxc Memory Card

– Sandisk 128Gb Extreme Pro Uhs I Sdxc Memory Card
– Fast SDXC storage for 4K UHD video, high-resolution photos & more.
– Read speeds up to 170MB/s; write speeds up to 90MB/s.

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Introducing Sandisk 128Gb Extreme Pro Uhs I SD Memory Card – The Ultimate storage equipment for your photos, videos and other digital necessities!

This state of the art memory card features a powerful storage capability alongside its smart speed, making it the perfect companion to your digital needs. It is built on Sandisk’s signature quality and durability, offers a robustness that makes it perfect for everyday tasks, as well as extreme conditions like high-resolution photography or 4K video capture. Whether home or on the go, you can rest assured that this card is safe and secure with a lifetime limited warranty.

• Fast speeds for enhanced workflow up to 90MB/s transfer when used with UHS-I enabled devices
• Durable design – X-ray proof, shockproof and temperature resistant
• Downloadable RescuePRO Deluxe software provides data recovery capabilities in the event of card corruption or accidental damage
• Stunning video capture – Up to 128GB capacity supports shooting full HD/4K Ultra HD | Includes SD adapter for use with cameras, laptops & desktops
• UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) designed to record 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p) video & Full HD video (1920x1080p); Ideal for professionals recording outdoor activities, drone & aerial videographers utilizing drones

In sum – This card combines sharp RAW photo management updatability and speedy read/write times with UHS speed class 1 (U1) ratings. Save those favourite memories securely without compromise! Upload faster and download quicker than ever before! Make sure your images are stored accurately and safely on this top quality memory card from Sandisk that’ll serve you reliably no matter what!

• Capacity: 128GB • Write Speed: up to 90MB/s • Read Speed: up to 90MB/s • Compatible Devices: DSLR Cameras; Camcorders; Action Cameras; Mobile Phones • High Performance for Professional-quality Video (4K Ultra HD; Uninterrupted Video Capture & Transfer of Large File Sizes), High Resolution Photos • Easy Home Security Storage Solutions • High Endurance Levels • Firmware Tools Available in Download Section • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Additional Info: Class 10 performance specification compliant when paired with U3 cards It’s also great if you need an OEM car audio system upgrade as it will support high sound quality requirements such as FLAC files. Advanced features include DMA acceleration providing smoother streaming playback directly from the flash drive without bulky drives bogging you down. Great performance at an unbeatable value is why many shoppers prefer SanDisk products over any competitor. In addition to top speeds rates these flash drives deliver amazing durability ratings of up to 15 feet underwater so you can bring them out into any environment whether on foot in a boat or diving into new depths. Sandisk flash drives also feature advanced wear leveling algorithms protecting the NAND cells from early wearing-out due to repetitive erase cycles delivering long term reliability regardless of how much you write back and forth between them vs other models in the market!

Product FAQ’s :
Q1 – What devices are compatible with this 128GB Sandisk Flash Drive? A – This drive is compatible with DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, Action Cameras, Mobile phones and OEM Car Audio Systems Upgrade etc. Q2 – Is this durable? A – Yes indeed! It’s X-ray proof, shockproof+temperature resistant! Q3 – Does this come with any warranty? A – Yes it does–Enjoy a lifetime limited warranty provided by SanDisk®