Tamron Sp 17 50Mm F 2 8 Xr Di Ii Ld Lens For Canon

-Tamron SP 17-50mm F2.8 XR Di II LD Lens for Canon
-Premium zoom lens with wide aperture
-Compatible with both full frame and APS-C cameras

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This all-in-one lens from Tamron is a good choice for photographers that appreciate convenience and quality. From portraits to landscapes, it offers focal lengths that can cover more than super zooms and has high performance features such as low dispersion glass elements, wide angle coverage, fast autofocus and a 2.8 aperture.

Product Features:
•  Compact design: This 8-inch long, 20-ounce lens will fit easily in your camera bag. No need to worry about carrying around additional lenses!
•  Focal lengths: Equipped with an impressive range of 17mm – 50mm this lens allows you to shoot anything from wide angle shots to medium telephoto photography without needing to switch lenses in the middle of shooting.
•  Low Dispersion Glass Elements: LD glasses are characterized by their ability to minimize chromatic aberration – an issue commonly seen in lenses produced on a mass scale because of how different colors are focused on the sensor plane at different distances.
•   Fast Autofocus Motor and Silent Drive Mode: The AF system of this lens has been improved significantly compared with its predecessors due to the addition of a new silent drive motor which enables faster (still quiet) focusing directly from point A to point B with minimal noise disturbance . Additionally, it also increases accuracy, clarity and overall image quality.
•    Aperture Range: With maximum open aperture settings ranging between 2.8-5 this lens offers plenty of bright light for great depth of field control even in low light conditions so that you can capture stunning photos every single time!

Additional information: The objects inside the frame are as sharp as they appear due to the Aspherical Lens Design Element which reduces optical deficiencies like astigmatism while drastically improving performance (ideal when shooting stationary subjects). It also comes with full support for popular image stabilization systems like Canon IS and Pentax SR while remaining compatible with various other DSLRs in both stills/video mode making it suitable across multiple brands/cameras platforms without having any compatibility issues whatsoever!

Product FAQs:
1. Is this lens weather resistant?
  Yes, this lens is constructed using materials that make it resistant against dust/moisture meaning you won’t have any issues working outdoors despite changeable weather conditions or environments prone to humidity/fog etc…

2. Will I need additional filters?      No additional filters are needed as the built-in One Coating MRC filter technology eliminates ghosting caused by reflections which is known to blur& distort images while processing digitally captured photos or videos in post production stages when necessary .

3Is there an ultra wide version of this lens available?    Yes, Tamron does offer an ultra wide version (15-30mm) alongside their standard 17-50 Zoom range which provides even wider ranges if needed allowing photographers/videographers much greater flexibility when capturing content at greater distances or lower values.