Viltrox Ef Nex Iv Lens Mount Adapter For Canon Ef Mount Lens To Select Sony E Mount Cameras

•Viltrox Lens Mount Adapter
•Connects Canon EF to Sony E-mount camera
•Makes full use of autofocus, IS, Av control functions

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Viltrox EF-NEX IV Lens Mount Adapter is the perfect device to attach your Canon EF mount lens to select Sony E mount cameras. Its provides a secure connection making it powerful and reliable for you to explore different creative ideas without any damage to your equipment. The ultra-precise design of this adapter ensures perfect fit into your camera making the photography journey more relaxing and enjoyable.

Product Features:
• Made with ultra-precise hard artificial crystal stainless steel common bayonet that fits perfectly into your Sony E mount camera
• Automatically recognizes camera but need to set the aperture of lens you will be using manually in order to get excellent pictures every time
• Comes with a reducer ring which allows user can adjust various filter (below 82mm)to the adapter circle simply and quickly
• Compatible with all lens having Canon EF or EF-S mounts and Sony E mount mirrorless cameras, such as for A7Ⅲ/A7RM3/A7RIII/A7RII
• 0.71x focal length multiplier increases focal length range for greater telephoto reach and lower light levels when using APS-C format lenses
• Materials: Platinum plated copper
• Maximum Diameter: 80mm
• Length: 42mm
• Compatible Mounts: Canon EF, EF-S, and Sony E

Additional Info:
This lens provides smoother focus transitions even at wide angle so now you can explore different composition ideas without worrying about the unsuccessful shots due to focus struggling.The improved mechanical construction prevents jamming or stickiness of switch indicator giving user an uninterrupted shooting experience when capturing important moments! Not just that it also has anti dustproof technology which protect from reluctant dust making it durable against various elements .With this Viltrox lenses mount adapter ,you will never miss out on exploring new horizons!

FAQs :

Q1.What should I do if connection is not established between my Camera & this adapter?

A1.Check if the Focal Length Controller Switch is clocked properly while connecting otherwise try Reinstalling as sometimes improper insertion causes issues .