Weifeng Heavy Duty Tripod Wf 717

•Stable & sturdy
•Suitable for cameras/camcorders
•Weifeng Wf 717, Heavy Duty Tripod

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Weifeng Heavy Duty Tripod WF 717 – The Ultimate Way To Keep Your Camera Steady
The Weifeng Heavy Duty Tripod WF 717 is the perfect choice for photographers, videographers and studio owners looking for a sturdy and steady accessory to stay in place. Whether you need to capture a dramatic landscape or enchanting portrait, this product will help keep your camera of choice from any shakes.

• Exceptional stability: Crafted with dual-stage locking legs for secure set up and stable imagery. Plus, specialized rubberized feet provide an extra layer of security while preventing slipping.
• Ideal ergonomics: A 3-way pan head makes capturing shots at any angle effortless, while the 4th leg extension increases height without adding bulk or weight. Lightweight aluminum construction adds comfort Mr transport and set-up ease.
• Professionally adjustable: Lock tension control allows users to customize how loose or tight they’d like their tripod’s knobs to be, so you always get the perfect shot every time.
• All-inclusive design: Includes everything you need including its own carrying bag that can be slung over your shoulder with ease. Moreover, adjustable ozone-depleting substance makes mounting your camera simple and reliable — whether using it looks like speedy release plate or standard screw thread mount option.

• Maximum Load Capacity: 10 kg (22 lb.)
• Number of Leg Sections – 3
• Max Height (with Centre Column) – 150 cm (59″)
•Minimum Height – 9 cm (3 ◦”) • Max Operating Temperature – 0 °C (32°F) §§§ Weight – 2 kg (4 lb.)

Additional Info : Weifeng Heavy Duty Tripod WF 717 has various great features which would offer you an outstanding performance and exceptional value for money without compromising your requirements . It packs some standard features such as durable Aluminium construction , 180 degree folding system ,tension knob control & non slip rubber padding feet stands which make it one of the best tripod in its class .It comes with light weight carrying bag included in package which make it easier for you to carry on location shoot . Its working temperature varies from 0°C to 32°F so also perfectly suitable for outdoor usages . There is no doubt that Weifeng Heavy Duty Tripod WF 717 is the most stable tripod available in market due to its triple section legs , adjustable tension control & extendable centre column design . Therefore all these above features makes this product stands out from other competitors .

Product FAQ : Q1 : What is load capacity of Weifeng Heavy Duty Tripod ? Answer : It has maximum load capacity up to 10kg(22lb ) maximum . Q2 : Does it come with carrying case ? Answer : Yes , it comes with light weight carrying case which made from nylon material and includes lots compartments where can carry more accessories if necessary . Q3 : How much height this tripod has? Answer : This tripod approximate height is 150cm(59″) while having minimum height of just 9cm(3″).