Yongnou Yn560 Iv Speedlight

• Yongnou Yn560 Iv Speedlight:
• Flash with extra power for sharp images.
• Has 8 steps of power output control.

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The Yongnou YN560 IV Speedlight Flash is a lightweight and portable tool that provides stunning flash and lighting capabilities. With automatic shutter sync, you can easily capture perfect shots in low light conditions. Whether you are taking photos for a professional or personal purposes, this device will help you get the job done quickly with great results.

• Speedlite supports manual zoom function & contorls the focal length from 24mm-105mm by manually rotating the button of the flash.
• Comes with an LED video light built-in which helps to minimize camera blur when shooting in darker conditiona and light up your desired subjects without adding external lights or flashes.
• Recycling time is 0.1 – 5 seconds and has 8 steps of power output control (1 / 128 – 1/1) to help you take high quality photos easily.
• Equipped with multi-flash mode, it supports TTL flash exposure control, wireless multiple TTL flash exposure signal control, manual power output and stroboscopic preflash cancel mode as well as other settings for various flash effects.
• Supports S1&S2 synchronous mode which allows synching to the first curtain or second curtain of your camera’s shutter for advanced shooting capability and functions as slave unit in a wireless multiple flash photography setup

• Power Source: 4x AA batteries
• Triggering method: Sync cord port, hotshoe mount
• Weight : 360g • Dimensions: 65X55X142mm • Color temperature5600k ±200k • Illumination Angle 24to 85 Degrees

Additional Info: The Yongnou YN560 IV Speedlight Flash has been designed to be extremely versatile; providing users with endless possibilities to create their own unique shots. It comes with advanced features such as TTL exposure control, stroboscopic preflash cancel mode and more so you can customize your photos according to your own preferences. The LED Light is also particularly useful if you’re looking for additional lighting during nighttime shoots; ensuring that your pictures remain sharp even under challenging lighting conditions!

Product FAQs:

Q: How easy is this product to use?

A: The Yongnou YN56 IV Speedlight Flash is quite user friendly; all of its features are easily accessed by simply pressing one or two buttons. Plus, there is also an instruction manual included just in case! All of its advanced functions can be used effortlessly provided you have the right set up beforehand.