Yongnou Yn560 Iv Speedlight

• Yongnou YN560 IV Speedlight
• Professional & portable flash speedlight
• Aids in creating high-quality outdoor photos

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If you are looking for a reliable, high-performance flash for photography, then the Yongnou YN560 IV Speedlight Flash is an ideal purchase for you. This powerful flash unit is equipped with adjustable heat output and TTL functions that make it one of the best options you can own. Here are some of its top features:

• Equipped with wireless multi-flash support for off-camera lighting setups
• Highly advanced and intelligent TTL automatic mode technology allows easy control over light exposure
• Automatically remembers nine different combinations of settings
• Recycles quickly between flashes with 0.1-2.9 second recycling time
• Compatible with all commercial Canon/Nikon DSLR cameras
• Manual zoom 24-105mm that can be adjusted through the LCD panel on the backside of the device
• Superficial discharge design provides a stable color temperature even after multiple flashes

• Body Dimensions – 6.5″x3″x3″
• Weight – 16 ounces
• Type – E-TTL (Canon/Nikon)
• Guide Number – 58ANSI feet at ISO100 and 105mm focal length

Additional Info:
This Yongnou YN560 IV Speedlight Flash includes both basic flash and advanced TTL functions, perfect for use in a wide variety of scenarios such as portraiture photography or broadcast video shooting. It has an extensive range from 1/128 to 1/1 full powers and also offers manual zoom from 24mm to 105mm range making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor photo shooting needs as well. Its intuitive LCD display runs on two AAA batteries makes operation efforts free when using this device. The built-in AF illuminator is compatible with Canon EOS series cameras which makes this piece highly versatile allowing you to use it without any problems on virtually any camera body type out there!


Q: What kind of triggering system does the Yongnou YN560 have?
A: The Yongnou comes with an external triggering system which allows user to wirelessly trigger off camera flashguns without needing to move around them or prop them up against different objects outside the field of view.