Yongnuo Yn 216 Led On Camera Light 5500K

• Cost-effective Lighting Solution
• Perfect for Studio Use & Vlogging
• Portable & Durable Design

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Yongnuo YN216 LED On-Camera Light – Lighting with Professional Results

If you’re looking for professional studio lighting, the Yongnuo YN216 LED On-Camera Light is a great option. This light can be used with cameras and camcorders on any stand or tripod. It’s easy to set up and offers powerful lighting options. You can control the angle of the directional light or use it in combination with reflector cards to direct the light precisely. Plus, the ergonomic design ensures that your hands stay comfortable while shooting.

* High quality LEDs and advanced construction techniques combine for a bright, uniform output of 5500K color temperature
* Adjustable whisper-quiet fan helps maintain optimal functioning even when running continuously at high levels
* 270°adjustable angle allows you to control your lights direction easily
* Filtering lens helps diffuse and soften its ray beam angle more than non-filtering lenses
* Maximum brightness of 2200Lx @ 0.5M (1150Lx @ 1M)
* Light Color Temperature: 5500K +/- 200K
* CRI (Color Rendering Index): Above 90 * Power Adapter Input Voltage: 110V – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
* Output Voltage: 12V DC & Power Consumption: 20W Additional Info ◦ Includes power adapter & filter tube ◦ 25%-100% brightness adjustment knob & dimming dial switch Fully standards compliant with FCC requirements Product FAQ Q1: How easy is the Yongnuo YN216 LED On-Camera Light set up? A1: The setup process for this light is simple enough that anyone can do it in minutes. Just mount it on any stand or tripod and plug in the included power adapter, then adjust the directional light as needed to get perfect results every time!