Yongnuo Yn 600Ii Led 3200 5500K Light

*Yongnuo Yn 600Ii LED Light:
*3200-5500K wide color temperature range
*Adjustable power & brightness levels

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Yongnuo Yn 600Ii LED 3200 5500K Light Stand perfects for any photography enthusiast or professional looking to create stunning shots!

This light stand comes with five powerful LED bulbs that generate both 3200 and 5500k lighting. Plus, it features a tilt function so you can adjust the direction of the light to your work area. With its easy setup and lightweight design, you can bring this light stand along wherever you go.

• Five LED bulbs generate 3200 and 5500k lighting
• Tilt function helps to adjust the direction of the light
• Easy setup
• Lightweight portable design (less than 2kg)
• No extra accessories required – simply plug-and-play!

• Operating voltage: 110V/220V
• Max Power Output: 25W

Additional Info: The Yongnuo Yn 600II offers high illumination in various colors and is perfect for creating professional-grade photos, especially for night shots, beer food, product photos etc. Its sturdy construction also ensures that you have maximum stability when using it outdoors. And lastly , it’s easy to use – no need to worry about complex settings or flimsy equipment setups. Just plug-in and go!

Product FAQ:

Q: Is this Yongnuo YN 600II bulb dimable?
A: Yes, this bulb is dimmable according to your preference. Simply use the power dial located on the Gonono YN600II’s head and adjust brightness accordingly.