Yongnuo Yn 622C Ii E Ttl Wireless Flash Transceiver For Canon 2 Pack

-Yongnuo Yn 622C II E TTL:
-Wireless Flash Transceiver for Canon:
-2 Pack with High Speed Sync & Remote Control.

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Yongnuo YN 622C-II E TTL Wireless Flash Transceiver for Canon (2 Pack)

Take your flash photography to the next level with Yongnuo’s YN 622C-II E TTL Wireless Flash Transceiver for Canon. This tiny bundle of two devices fits in the palm of your hand, yet packs a powerful punch. These transceivers allow you to use wireless flash triggering anywhere and anytime – great for fast turnarounds and quick setups!

Product Features:
• Compatible with Yongnuo and Canon flash systems, allowing you to mix and match equipment as needed.
• System runs at 2.4 GHz radio frequency for reliable secure triggering performance.
• Hot shoe mount allows either device to act as either trigger or receiver.
• High speed sync up to 1/8000th of a second for that perfect split second shot.
• Tilt indicator so that you know exactly what angle your receiver is set for accurate control of flash coverage.

Product Specifications:
Compatible Devices: i-TTL/E-TTL capable cameras (including models from Nikon, Canon etc.) i-TTL compatible flashes (From Yongnuo, Nikon, or Canon); Receiving Distance Up To 100 Meters; Frequency Band 2.4GHz; Control Range 24 Channels; Working Modes: ETTLII(Support HSS)/ M /Multi modes; Indication Down Speed Mode:1/250s~1/250~1/8000s; Mount Type:Standard ISO 518 Hot Shoe & PC Connector ; Voltage DC5V

Additional Info:
The YN 622C-II was designed to be incredibly easy to set up and use every time you want to use flash off camera with any compatible model Canon camera. Put one in hot shoe as transmitter on the camera, the other in hotshoe on your off camera flash you’re ready and can go wirelessly! Triggering range is up over 100 meters depending on environmental factors such as light pollution and interference caused by nearby electronic components . The rechargeable batteries make it easier on the pocket than buying a full set of disposable batteries every time your transceivers run out of juice!

Q: What kind of cameras are compatible with this device?
A: This device works with most modern DSLR cameras from brands like Nikon, Canon, etc., so long as they are compatible with I-TTL or E-TTL flash systems.
Q: Does this product have an auto power save mode?
A: Yes! With its auto power save mode when there’s no signal detected after 90 Seconds it enters standby mode automatically conserving battery life without losing important settings or data when not in use.