Yunteng 5208 Mobile Phone Tripod Stand With Bluetooth

● Durable phone tripod stand
● Compatible with all smartphones
● Bluetooth remote for convenient shots

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Take your photography and videography to the next level with this Yunteng 5208 Professional Mobile Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Shutter Remote. Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, this tripod stand was designed to make capturing perfect shots easy. With expandable legs, adjustable heights, and 3-way tilt dorsal head support, you can capture unique shots at any angle imaginable. Plus, an included Bluetooth remote lets you stay stone still while taking photos, preventing accidental blurry snaps or shaky videography. Step up your photo/video game and try out the Yunteng 5208 Professional Mobile Tripod Stand today!

Product Description:
The Yunteng 5208 Professional Mobile Tripod Stand is the best way to capture perfect photos every time! Expandable legs for various setup locations let you shoot from different angles while an adjustable height dial makes it easy to get that perfect shot. The 3-way tilt dorsal head support gives even more options when setting up for picture perfect moments — all powered by a durable aluminum alloy construction that ensures dependable use over time. And an included Bluetooth shutter remote takes away any chance of shake or blur in your photos or videos! Make sure to seize those special moments with the Yunteng 5208 Professional Mobile Tripod Stand today!

• Durable aluminum alloy frame ensures dependable long life
• Adustable heigh allows for variable placement of the camera
• Flexible legs conform to nearly any surface for maximum shooting possibilities
• Three-way adjustable tilt dorsal prevents blurry shots due to uneven ground surfaces
• Bluetooth remote provides steady hands-free control of photo/video recording sessions

• Material: Aluminum Alloy & Plastic
• Color: Black Frame & Gold Legs • Max Height: 125cm/49in • Folded Length: 54cm/21in • Net Weight 1.4kg/3lbs • Load Capacity 6kg/13lbs • Usage Suitable for Smartphone / DSLR / Action Camera / Video Cameras.

Additional Info & Product FAQ

Q : What is included in this package? A : This package includes one tripod stand body with adjustable height, three flexible legs, a set of gold aluminum alloy skeletal frames suited to each leg section and eighteen screws —so everything needed for basic setup! Additionally, it includes two pieces of extra equipment — one shutter remote controller (powered by a CR2032 watch battery) ,and phone holder clip with additional 1/4″ screw mount adapters compatible with most cameras on the market today . Q : Can I attach a full sized DSLR camera? A : Yes! This tripod stand is suitable not only for smartphones but also digital and video single lams reflex cameras (DSLRs). Please make sure the total weight does not exceed 13 lbs(6 kg). Q : Does the tripod extend past 4 feet high? A : Absolutely —the max height on this tripod stands measures at approximately 49 inches when fully extended (125 cm)!