Yunteng Vct 681 Tripod Stand

• 69-inch adjustable stand.
• Robust and sturdy construction.
• For DSLR & digital cameras use.

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Yunteng VCT 681 Tripod Stand: Perfect for Videography & Photography
The Yunteng VCT 681 is the tripod stand that offers great performance with its special features that are essential for videographers, photographers, and vloggers. This light weighted tripod gives you a combination of rigidity, portability and versatility along with all its carefully crafted features. It has hydro-formed tubes which enable smooth action for height adjustments as well as pan and tilt head movements, so you can capture perfect shots at various angles. All these attributes make it a great partner for capturing stunning visuals from any given location – whether you’re a professional or an amateur looking to get creative.

Product Description:
The Yunteng VCT 681 Tripod Standis ideal for those who want stunning quality stills or videos without having to set up heavy tripods and equipment. Crafted with hydro formed aluminum pipes, this light weighted tripod is incredibly versatile in operation and comes with ultra-smooth pan & tilt head motions, making sure your photos/videos have no seismic vibrations whatsoever. Along with tiltable rubber feet to ensure stability in various terrains and ball bearing structure on pivot axes enables precise angle settings, you can be assured of capturing amazing visuals in multiple scenarios – all effortless!

• Ultra-Smooth Head & Panning – hydro formed aluminum pipes ensures ease of movement while producing no vibrations or shakes while capturing images.
• Impressive Height Adjustment – adjust the height upstanding from 28′- 55′ easily without worrying about loading capacity (Max 11lbs).
• Versatile Terrain Support – tilted rubber feet makes the tripod stable on any terrain while ball bearing structure on pivot axes allows precise angle settings on any kind of surface .
• High Durability – rugged construction offers stability & reliability to take on unseemly handling and harsh conditions during outdoor shoots.

• Load Capacity – Max 11 lbs • Section – 3 Sections • Head Type – Ball Head • Material – Aluminum Alloy • Working Height Range – 28′- 55′ • Dimensions Folded– 18″x3″x3″ • Weight– 2lbs

Additional Information:
The Yunteng VCT 681 Tripod Stand is a convenient tool that makes life easier for those delivering high-quality video recordings/ photographies or vlogging regularly whilst being lightweight enough to carry around effortlessly! Its ergonomic design lets you adjust the flexible center column quickly so you don’t miss out on reflexive moments of capture a dynamic shot in situations where sudden changes occur.]

Q1) Can I use the Yunteng VCT 681 Tripod outdoors?A1) Yes! The tilted rubber feet enable superior grip even when used outdoors giving stable support even when used on uneven surfaces like sand or gravels etcetera giving it great adaptivity levels regardless of where you are working from precisely.