Zhiyun Tech Crane 3S Handheld Stabilizer

• A handheld stabilizer for DSLRs.
• Advanced features & smooth video transformation.
• Compatible with cameras up to 6.6 lbs.

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When capturing stunning cinematic shots in motion, the Zhiyun Tech Crane 3S Handheld Stabilizer is an essential piece of equipment. It offers great support for a variety of cameras allowing filmmakers to shoot easy and smooth videos with confidence.

Product Description:
The Zhiyun Tech Crane 3S Handheld Stabilizer is a three-axis gimbal stabilizer that brings a reliable performance for on-the-go filming. It consists of a brushless motor stabilization technology and supports up to 3.2 kg/7 lbs of load, making it capable enough to handle large DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The device features an advanced auto-tune system which fine-tunes the gimbal automatically providing best balance, so you can focus more on shooting your footage instead of struggling for balancing issues. Additionally, its follow focus control allows precise focusing when using compatible EF lenses along with Canon or Panasonic camera bodies. Equipped with dual OLED displays, this compact device features intuitive settings controlling and makes monitoring easy while keeping all the operations at your fingertips without needing any extra digital assistant devices like remote controller or joystick. Additionally, its quick release plate facilitates fast & secure mounting without requiring any extra tooling or rigging effort from users. Featuring detachable and upgradable design, it also has 10 hours long runtime (depends on environment factors) making it capable enough currently available on the market while maintaining low weight design & portability at same time.

• Brushless motor stabilization technology offering reliable performance
• Supports up to 3.2kg/7lbs loads
• Advanced Auto Tune System for fine tuning balance
• Follow Focus Control for precise focusing
• Dual OLED displays for intuitive settings controlling
• Quick release plate facilitate fast & secure mounting
• Detachable & upgradable design
• 10 Hours Long Runtime (depends on environment factors)

• Model: Crane 3s • Weight: 1kg / 2lb 6oz • Dimension (Folded): 260 x 226 x 150 mm / 10 X 8 X 5 Stick Length Folded: 38cm / 15in • Working Voltage: DC 8V ~ 12V • Compatible Camera Models(AS Tested): Canon DSLR Series Cameras(5D Mk IV III); Sony Series Cameras; Panasonic Lumix Cameras; Olympus Mirrorless Cameras; Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras etc.(See Compatibility Tab) Additional Info : This product comes with 5 years official Zhiyun Warranty from date of purchase Product FAQ : Q1 : Do I need a remote controller?No, you don’t need a remote controller to use the Crane 3S as all operations can be controlled by the device itself