Zoom F4 6 Input 8 Track Multi Track Field Recorder

• Zoom F4: 6-Input 8-Track Recorder
• Records to SD & Compact Flash Cards
• Onboard Limiters, EQs, & Compression

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Zoom F4 6 Input 8 track Multi Track Field Recorder

Get ready to stay connected with 24-bit/96 kHz fidelity using the reliable Zoom F4 Six Input 8 Track Multi-Track Field Recorder. This portable powerhouse is ideal for capturing up to 8 tracks of audio while simultaneously recording 4 mic/line and 2 line inputs. Perfect for location sound applications, liveuals, video production, and anywhere else you need pro quality sound.

• 6 high-quality preamps (2 mic/line & 4 line) with individual gain control along with phantom power support for condenser microphones
• AD converter samples audio at up to 24 bit / 96kHz resolution
• Records 4 simultaneous channels onto SD card media (up to 256GB) or an external USB drive
• Built-in effects including compression, EQ, reverb & delay
• Limiter on each input channel and master bus for maximum dynamic range and distortion reduction
• Fully operable from 3 AA batteries with up to 5 hours recording time or use external power supply AB Power adapter included

• Resolutions: PCM 24-bit 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz Mono, Dualmono & Stereo Recording

• Frequency Response: 19Hz to 40KH+/-1dB(Fs=44.1KHz)

• THD+N: 0.005% @1KHz(Min Gain), 4 dBu

• Signal Level :MICIN 9dBV (7dBV ~ 11dBV), Line +4~ -10 dBV

• Maximum Audio Input Level : MICIN 0 dBV , Line +28 dBu

Additional Info:
The Zoom F4 is a versatile digital recorder that combines six inputs with advanced features that make it perfect in any environment – from studio recording to long days out on location shoots or gigs! The F4 provides four mic preamps with phantom power and two stereo line inputs, which can be recorded simultaneously on two different SD cards or USB sticks in separate files. Plus get quick access to a wide variety of onboard effects like compression, gate, equalization, reverb and delay – as well as selectable input filters that seamlessly extend the low end all the way down to 19Hz– ensuring your recordings are punchy and clear!

Product FAQ:
Q: What formats does the Zoom F4 record?
A: The F4 records both .WAV/.BWF 24bit/96kHz linear PCM audio files in mono, dualmono and stereo mode onto SD cards or external USB drive media.

Q: Does it have internal effects?
A: Yes! The Zoom F4 has built-in effects such as compressors, gate processors EQs as well as delay’s and reverbs allowing you to shape your sound quickly without requiring extra plugins or setups.