Zoom H5 4 Input 4 Track Portable Handy Recorder

• Multi-track portable recorder
• 4 combo XLR/TRS mic inputs
• Includes XYH-5 X/Y mic, shock mount & windscreen

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Are you looking for a handy four input recording device? Look no further than the Zoom H5 4-Input/4-Track recorder. You can capture all of your sound sources (including mics, instruments and more) into one sleek hand held package. This product gives audio enthusiasts a whole new level of creativity to explore with their recordings.

• Anodized aluminum body for durability
• X/Y stereo microphone combination
• Supports up to four simultaneous inputs (including phantom power)
• Adjustable gain control knob conveniently located on the front panel
• Integral 1/8” stereo mini plug headphone output jack with dedicated volume control
• Rechargeable battery-powered design for up to nine hours of operation
• Specialized preamps ceramic transducers (for best possible signal quality)
• Includes optional shock mount, SD card and more.

– Front panel features two ¼” TRS mic plus +48V phantom power combo jacks; 2 – ¼” balanced line level input jacks – Up to 24-bit 96kHz PCM linear WAV file recording with 16 or 24 bit resolution – File Creation – NEW 9 LED Backlit LCD Display and Tactile Controls – USB 2.0 port to transfer recordings to computer – Audition files available through the headphone jack; Headphone Jack – Max Output Level: 10mW + 10mW @ 32 ohms

Additional Info:

• Quick Amplitude Response Recording – Fast response time between button press and when recording begins helps you capture sound without missing a beat! • Low Handling Noise – The included integrated low noise preamps help minimize handling noise so you can capture excellent quality sound even when moving around the room quickly while recording. • Break Resistant Design – A thick anodized aluminum body ensures that this unit is designed for regular use, letting you record over and over again in confidence knowing that it won’t let you down! • Bring Anywhere Convenience – At only 9 ounces, this light weight recorder is perfect for traveling musicians who need something small enough to wear in their pocket!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Does this device support multiple mics? A: Yes, the Zoom H5 supports up to four inputs including mic inputs and line inputs giving you maximum flexibility when recording your music or audio projects. Q: What type of file formats does it support? A: The Zoom H5 supports up to 24 bit / 96kHz PCM linear WAV files giving users plenty of options when exporting their final tracks from this device.